Weidmuller THM MMP MultiMark Printer

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From: £1,650.17

Weidmüller Specialist Partner for Printing Systems and Service Agent in the UK, we have over 25 years’ experience with the Weidmüller Printers.

The wide variety of the MultiMark product family enables optimally structured and sustainable marking in every control panel. All marking tasks can be performed efficiently, safely, and flexibly with the MultiMark. Terminal markers, for example, achieve all the above. They allow fast printing and snapping and satisfy the high demands of vibration and shock resistance. The most common Terminal Markers are available in Bulk Rolls to allow even faster printing, Bulk Rolls have 10,000 per roll and can be printed in one go.

We have a vast rage of Wire and Cable Markers, from Insert Tag Ferrule Markers and clear Sleeves (or Nozzles Ademark Carriers, Sliver Foxes & PMF or PM Holders) to Clip-On Markers, Slide-On Markers, Push-on Markers and Cable-Tie Tie-On Tags and Labels.

There’s also a range of Device & Equipment Labels for cross-manufacture component marking, along with Serial Plates or Name Plates with the CE Mark and barcodes including QR Codes. As well as Push Button Legends and Emergency Stop Labels.

With the MultiMark marking system, we provide a fast and reliable solution for all marking tasks.

The benefits to you -

·        Broad range with over 725 marking products

·        Suitable for virtually all marking tasks

·        Instant print output for fast identification

·        Best material properties

·        Convenient handling

·        Clear print image

Included in delivery - THM MMP MultiMark Printer, Manual, USB cable, Mains UK plug, Printer driver, Software M-Print® PRO, RIBBON MM-TB 25/360 SW ink ribbon, RIBBON MM 110/360 SW ink ribbon, Ink ribbon core, Print roller, Pressure roller.

We offer on-site Demonstrations, Installations (if required), Remote Training, Support and hold a huge range of the 530 + different markers available most being available for Next Day delivery.

We not only Sell, Rent, Service and Repair the PrintJet - we also use it ourselves in our Custom Marking Department, offering all available Markers printed as per your requirement. If your own printer isn't necessary, give us a call to discuss your needs.

This also enables us to offer PrintJet owners a quick turnaround on printed markers if ever the PrintJet is here for Service or Repair. 

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Print markers cleverly and economically

The THM MMP thermal transfer printer with intelligent cutting and perforation option, processes markers and labels from the MultiMark range, as well as continuous materials, textile and polyester labels, heat shrinkable sleeves and PLC labels. Its intuitive operation, compact design and weight of just 3.5 kg mean it can be used anywhere – flight case available!

Secure Snap-On Terminal Markers

A clever, composite material ensures convenient and functional handling. The hard-base contour made of solid plastic allows reliable latching, the elastic upper material has a particularly good grip and facilitates installation.

Optimum visible connections

Our TM-I and WM conductor markers and SFX cable markers for clear labelling of conductors and cables allow different circuits to be identified without doubt. The range is perfectly tailored to all normal conductor labelling functions.

New special cable markers SFX

The material of the SFX-VT cable markers complies with DIN EN 45545 and is specifically approved for traffic engineering. The SFX-DT detectable cable markers can be detected due to a metal-enriched material and are, therefore, of particular interest for the food industry.

Non-application-specific assignment

MultiMark device markers are geared towards non-manufacturer-specific marking. They ensure that all components are clearly marked in a wide range of applications.

Functional and of high quality

The embossed device markers have a unique foam layer which is ideally suited for rough surfaces. All labels have a high adhesive strength and high quality due to their material thickness.

From: £1,650.17