Weidmuller - DMS PRO - 1479120000

Sku: 1479120000

Weidmüller torque screwdrivers have an ergonomic design and are therefore ideal for use with one hand. They can be used without causing fatigue in all installation positions. Apart from that, they incorporate an automatic torque limiter and have good reproducible accuracy.

1.5Ah Li-ion battery pack

15min. usable and 30min. full charging

Light weight 0.5kg (incl. battery)

1/4" hex drive

‘Auto shut off clutch’ with 21 stages

Electronic shut off

Lock switch

Non-slip rubber grip

LED light

The ‘Auto shut off clutch’ extends battery and clutch life by immediately stopping rotation once selected torque setting is reached. With the LED light even in the dark areas for fastening screws can be clearly seen.