Wera Kraftform Kompakt 17 pc VDE Interchangeable Blade

Sku: 05059030001

This Kraftform Kompakt VDE set comes with two insulated handles and a range of interchangeable insulated blades. They are quick and easy to change without any special tools. This set comes with a robust belt pouch, keeping them always to hand and reducing the weight and space that a conventional screwdriver set takes up. The handle/interchangeable blade system allows rapid exchange of the blades, the choice of blades make sure you always have the right screwdriver for the job. Each Kraftform Kompakt VDE tool has been tested individually to 10,000 volts, in accordance with DIN EN 60900 (IEC 60900:2004). This ten-times-higher testing load guarantees safe working at their maximum permitted load of 1,000 volts.