Martindale VIPDLOK150 Voltage Indicator, Proving Device and Lock Out Kit


The complete solution for safe isolation, the Martindale VIPDLOK150 Lock Out Kit contains the VI-15000 voltage indicator, PD690 proving device, along with a complete lock out kit, supplied with soft carry cases. Also supplied with FREE Utility Knife. Nothing is more dangerous than trusting a defective voltage indicator to test for a dead circuit. Safe electrical work requires the use of a voltage indicator that has been proved with a proving unit before and after use. The Martindale VIPD150 contains the VI-15000 voltage indicator and the PD690 proving device, enabling you to comply with health and safety recommendations for safe working. The 16 piece kit contains the following items: 1 x PD690 proving device 1 x VI-15000 voltage indicator 1 x Padlock with unique key 1 x Steel safety hasp, with space for up to 6 padlocks 1 x Green mini MCB lock 1 x Yellow mini MCB lock 1 x Blue medium MCB lock 1 x Large red MCB lock 1 x Yellow fuse lockout breaker 1 x Red fuse lockout breaker 5 x Danger tags which can be overwritten 1 x Black marker for writing on Danger tags 1 x TC55 soft carry case